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Alcazaba and Gibralfaro's Castle

The Alcazaba is a palatial fortification in Malaga, Spain, built during the period of Muslim rule in Al-Andalus. The current ensemble began in the 11th century and was modified or rebuilt several times until the 14th century. It is one of the best preserved citadels in Spain. The Alcazaba is also connected by a walled corridor to the upper castle of Gibralfaro, and next to the Alcazaba entrance are remains of a Roman theater dating from the 1st century AD.

Picasso Museum

The Museo Picasso Málaga is a museum in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain, the city where the artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born. It opened in 2003 at the Palacio de Buenavista and has 285 works donated by members of the Picasso family. In 2009, the Paul, Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Foundation, owner of the collection, merged with the Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga, which managed the museum, which is based in the house on Plaza de la Merced in Malaga that was the birthplace of Picasso, and is now the Museo Casa Natal.

Malagueta Beach

The nearest beach just 15 minutes walking.

Urban beach with family atmosphere with dark sand and long seafront where you can walk or ride a bike.

You can find seafood restaurant and coffee shops.

Soho Neighborhood

Soho Málaga, located in the heart of Málaga capital, is the Arts neighborhood and has become the emblem of urban art and underground culture in the city. In this area there are significant cultural facilities such as the Malaga Contemporary Art Center or the Soho CaixaBank Theater, among others.​

Central Atarazanas Market

It is a municipal market where you can buy all kinds of fresh products, in addition to being able to have lunch in the most Malagueño style on its terraces. The current building, the work of the architect Joaquín de Rucoba, was built between 1876 and 1879 on the site where a naval workshop of Nasrid origin stood, of which only a marble door remains and from which its name comes.